Two great events this weekend

This time of year there is are no shortage of events taking place in Lake Havasu City. This weekend marks one of the most anticpated and busiest weekends of the winter/spring season in Lake Havasu City.

First, Lake Havasu City  hosts the 24th annual Winter Fest. This is a weekend long event on the Main Street of McCulloch Blvd. featuring 260 local, regional, and national vendors. This event is put on by the Lake Havasu City Chamber of Commerce. Orginally, this fun filled event was put together to bring together the mass of winter visitors that come to Lake Havasu City and to promote our town. This has turned into a huge event that is fun and informative. There will be live entertainment, food, art, vendors, and activies. Winterfest will run from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday; and 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Sunday.

“The event is expected to attract as many as 40,000 visitors to the city’s Uptown Main Street district,” according to Michelle Mizuno, of the Lake Havasu Area Chamber of Commerce.

The second event going on is a Hobie Cat sail boat race on Lake Havasu.  This is sort of a new event to Lake Havasu City as the last time this happened was in 1975.  The event back then still holds the record for the largest Hobie Cat race with 408 boat all racing on Lake Havasu.

“The event is a “warm-up” for the Hobie Class Association’s 2009 North American Championships, dubbed HAVAMEGA, which will bring more than 100 Hobie Cats to Lake Havasu City in November. Bagley, and supporters at the Lake Havasu Yacht Club, hope HAVAMEGA will be a big first step in returning Lake Havasu to preeminence in the class.”

“We plan to make it the biggest event in many, many years, and it certainly will be,” Bagley said. 

Sailing has definitly lost its popularity on Lake Havasu from the earlier days, but I think this event is a great idea. Lake Havasu really is perfect for sailing and a lot of fun! I have been a few times and wish I could go more. It seems that the power boats have taken over our lake, but this should be a great event to help revitalize the sport of sailing on Lake Havasu.