Lake Havasu goes Hollywood

A new movie called “Piranah-3D” is being filmed in Lake Havasu.  The movie is a remake of a 197o’s horror film called “Piranah”.  To movie buffs this was a classic and is now being remade into a modern take on  a “Jaws”  movie.  Its a big budget film that take takes place on a lake in a sleep town that is popular Spring Break destination.  I am sure there will be plenty of blood and screams as they get introduced to the piranah’s.   All this month film crews will be recreating many new sets on the downtown streets and other locations in Havasu. The move is expected to be out some time next spring or summer. The producers are using many locals as extras in the movie including many of their boats to recreate a big Spring Break atmosphere for the movie.  Here is a picture of my family and Jerry O’Connell, one of the main actors in the movie.

Piranah 3D stars

Piranah 3D stars

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