January Market Statistics

Well so far 2009 has started out steady, but is showing some signs of impovement in my option. We were right around the same amount of homes sold this month as we were in December.  Prices are still coming down a bit but properties in the median price range are selling faster. We are starting to see multiple bids on some foreclosure properties and even sales over asking price!  My team and I are also seeing a lot more  interested buyers entering the market now that prices are so affordable. I anticipate the coming months to be strong for sales volume as we enter spring and summer. Generally these coming months are the busiest for home sales in Lake Havasu City. 

Activity Date: New BOM Pend Pend/CS Expr With Sold Avg
DOM Median
Jan 2009 195 137 203 26 231 86 89 $103,756 142 $160,000


Here are a few suggestions if you are looking to buy in new home in Lake Havasu City:

1. Get pre-qualified if you plan to get financing. More than 60% of all homes sold are foreclosures and these banks will not even look at an offer without a strong approval letter. Not just a pre-approval.

2. Get set up on a listing cart. With so many new homes hitting the market, it helps to be up to date on whats out there that fits your needs. We can set specific search criteria and easily have it sent to your email box daily so you do not have to create a new search each time.

3. Be patient. Many of these foreclosures and short sales take time and persistance. Let us Realtors help you and work through the process. There are many legal disclosures and documents you should be aware of too, so make sure you understand what they mean and how it effects the sale.

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